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                型号 LXBXJ
                电源 AC 220V 50Hz/60Hz


                主机尺寸 200mm*155mm*58mm
                放电板尺寸 433mm*232mm*14mm
                应用范围 餐饮酒店、商场超市、冷藏展柜、冷库仓储、渔船捕捞、冷链物流


                Comparison of the effect of freezing and thawing of traditional fishery transportation, freeze-thaw and fresh-keeping and the addition of static fresh-keeping machine

                一、 传统水产品、海产品商业客户面临的问题

                  The problems faced by traditional aquatic products and marine products business customers

                1、 淡水类产品和海水类产品用碎冰保存运送至终端客户或分销商处时存在口感变差的问题。

                Fresh water products and seawater products are preserved and transported to end customers or distributors with crushed ice, and there is a problem of poor taste.

                2、 运送活鱼面临成本高(每车可装运量少及需其它配套设备保证鱼的存活率)风险大(路上死鱼及其它一些不确定性的因素)的问题

                The transport of live fish faces high costs (low volume per vehicle and the need for additional equipment to ensure the survival of the fish) high risk (dead fish on the road and other uncertainties).

                二、 我司的冷冻解冻保鲜设备简介

                   A brief introduction to the freezing and thawing fresh-keeping equipment of our company


                   The equipment is small in size, easy to install, participate in the whole process of refrigerated food transportation and thawing, can ensure that all kinds of ingredients after thawing to maintain the maximum fresh appearance and fresh taste.


                The device uses the special technology to manufacture an electrostatic field environment with the same frequency as the water molecules in the cold storage, and the formation of hydrogen bonds between the water molecules is disturbed, so that the water molecules do not generate a frozen cooling temperature environment even under the freezing point, The method has the following steps of:1) delaying the refrigerating time;2) improving the taste after the food material is frozen and unfreezing;3) accelerating the freezing and thawing speed;4) energy conservation;5) inhibiting the growth of the bacteria and the mould; and 6) the six technical innovative effects of no pollution in the pure physical way. In addition, the equipment has the following advanced performance:
                (1)简单经济(simple economy)

                Similar products are basically cold storage equipment, the design, production, installation cost is very high, which will greatly increase the cost of updating and upgrading aquatic enterprises.However, this equipment is only a minor improvement on the cold storage and other refrigerated environment in use. It is simple to install, and the investment can be controlled to a very low level, which can not only improve the fresh refrigerated effect of aquatic enterprises, but also reduce the difficulty of updating and upgrading the preservation equipment.

                (2)小型化,占地少(Miniaturization and small occupation of land)

                The equipment itself is very small and can form electrostatic field in a large range, and the effect can completely cover the general type of aquatic storage cold storage.
                (3)设计安全(Design safety)

                A single wire electrode is used and the safety device of the inductor is assisted to reduce the risk of electric shock to zero. In addition, the electrostatic field generated by the device is low-frequency environment, and in a low-frequency environment, the body of the working workers in the cold storage not only has no harm, but also has a beneficial effect on the human body like a plurality of low-frequency therapeutic devices. And after the device is installed, the power supply device is automatically cut off, and the power supply of the device is automatically cut off as long as the door is opened.

                This equipment can be matched with the industrial design of refrigerator production, can be embedded refrigerator model. Become the leading equipment for household and commercial small food preservation, improve the quality of life; "display cabinet"-medium electrostatic field device, supporting commercial fresh display cabinet, used in large business super, catering industry seasonal fresh food display, so that more consumers can buy fresh ingredients.


                With our company's freezing and thawing equipment, we can solve all the problems at present.

                三、 为XX农业集团实验我司产品的效果

                The effect of our products on the experiment of the Guangdong Shunde Agricultural Group


                The following left picture shows the thawing effect after 72 hours of ordinary freezing, and the following right picture shows the thawing effect after 72 hours of freezing and thawing with our freezing and thawing equipment, and the comparative effects are as follows.





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